Environmental Sustainability

The Natural Fire Retardant Solution

We pride ourselves on our sustainable approach to business, which is why Zeroignition Solution (Zi-S) and Zeroignition Powder (Zi-P) is completely non-toxic in application and use. It’s made up of 100% natural components and has been extensively tested to ensure it doesn’t harm plant or animal life.

In an Environmental
League of our Own

Many other fire retardants are harmful in some way. And the majority of our competitors are still not promising or providing the supporting documents to prove their chemical doesn’t cause damage. This is despite legislation across the world continuing to change and the more dangerous chemicals being discontinued.

Saving Lives -
In More Ways
Than One.

We believe it is our duty, not only to save lives by having our fire-retardant Zi-S or Zi-P used in products that make up the buildings you and your families live and work in, but also to protect life through its safe application and use too.