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Benefit from a full consultancy service unlike any other.

Making everything as simple as possible for you.

Unlike other fire protection companies, we can offer you a full consultancy service. From prototyping and manufacturing process support, through to branding and patenting support. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ll also continually work alongside you to produce new and better technologies – ensuring you’re always one step ahead of your competitors.

Zeroignition technologies work best when integrated into both the fabric of the materials to be protected, and into the manufacturing process for that product.

By introducing a collaborative approach using your in-depth knowledge of the product and manufacturing methods, combined with our expertise in fire protecting products and integrating them into different manufacturing processes, it’s easier for you to create highly-effective, environmentally-friendly fire retardant products that truly give you a unique position in your market.

Our consulting team is extremely well placed to support you in the development and testing of your new products, and the integration into your existing process and other manufacturing equipment. Not only that, we can help you with the requirements of achieving regulatory certification and product launch into the market.

It’s everything you need to make manufacturing fire retardant products simpler.

A totally unique offering.

Our bespoke way of working ensures that your in-depth knowledge of the product and our years of experience with passive fire safety create a totally unique offering within your industry.

From plastics and foams to wood panel and steel - our tailored approach to FR technology ensures the results you need to keep up with the global demand for fire safe buildings.

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The only specialist chemical technology company dedicated to tailoring chemistry to enable production of non-toxic, highly effective fire-retardant products.

A global team of experts with one goal – to save lives.

Our Applications

Our technology has 1000s of potential applications. To make it easier for you to uncover them, you can search by ‘system designs’ or by ‘materials’.


The Consultancy Process

We’ll work alongside you to integrate our unique chemicals within your manufacturing process and help you take your fire retarded materials and products to market, successfully and quickly.

Consultancy Process


We have put together a selection of the most common questions that we get asked.

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