We get asked a lot of questions

Our technology is unique in application and usage so we get asked a lot of questions. If there's something you want to know but isn't answered below, feel free to contact one of the team via the Meet the Team page or fill in a contact form and somebody will be in touch shortly.

What do you mean by 'system-led' approach to construction?

How much does ZI cost?

What is active fire protection?

What is passive fire protection?

What's wrong with self-certification?

What is leaching? And why is it important in fire protected materials?

What is hygroscopicity? And why is it important in fire protected materials?

What is flame spread? And how is it tested?

What is fire resistance? And how is it tested?

What is reaction to fire? And how is it tested?

Who was the founder of Zi and where is he today?

How old is your company?

How big is your company?

Where are your headquarters?

Where is Zi made?

Is Zi a publicly traded company?

If the solution is a Trade secret, what is patented?

What things can you add Zi to ?

What makes Zi different from the competition?

Is Zi a single additive or is it modified for specific applications?

Does it change the colour of the item it's added to?

What do you mean it’s non-toxic?

What colour is the solution?

What does Zi bring to the table when working with a customer?

How do we work with a customer to full commercialization with Zi?

What geographical locations are we working in?

Once a customer is signed up as a Licensee, can they produce Zi at their facility?

Can you explain the licensing arrangement?

How do you deliver the “solution”?

Is it certified ?

How does the Zi work within a material that it is added to?

How is Zi added as an application to various media?

Will it thwart insects or prevent rot?

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