About Us

A global team of experts with one mission - to prevent unnecessary loss of life from fire.

What is ZI.

One of the world’s most innovative fire retardant technology companies.

We don't believe that your requirement needs to match one of our chemicals, we create a bespoke solution for you to ensure you can offer something more than the rest of the industry when it comes to fire safety.

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A team dedicated to saving lives.

With decades of experience in construction, product manufacturing, law, marketing, chemistry and chemical engineering, the passionate individuals in the Zeroignition team are placed across the globe all working together to do one thing. Save lives.

The specialist scientific teams in our R&D centers work tirelessly towards creating new, innovative solutions to prevent the spread of fire and increase materials’ resistance to fire. At the same time, our expert sales and production team are working alongside some of the largest and best product manufacturers in the world to generate a systematic approach to passive fire protection.

We’ll keep challenging the norm

Making the impossible, possible.

The most common thing we hear people in our industry say is: ‘that isn’t possible’. Well, over the last 10 years, on a daily basis, we’ve been showing that anything is possible. And we’ll keep challenging the norm, push the limits of what’s expected, and go above and beyond for you and all our customers. This is what we do.

Our Story

A history unlike any other, the story of how trying to create wallpaper paste turned into a game-changing technology.

Our Story

Environmental Sustainability

Completely non-toxic in application and use.

Environmental Sustainability

Meet the Team

A global team of experts covering everything from nanotechnology to patenting and factory process technology.

Meet the Team