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What is Zi?

One unique, non-toxic fire retardant chemical.

Our very special chemical is everything you need for all your fire protection material requirements in one. It truly is in a class of its own.

With it, you can confidently manufacture materials or specify design systems, which you know will have unsurpassed fire retardancy standards and that will be compatible with each other.

Two easy to integrate forms.

Our chemical is available in both solution and powder form. This allows us to easily work with all manufacturing processes and enables you to provide an increased or entirely new fire rating for your materials or products.

The highly-effective fire retarded products you can manufacture also deliver added peace of mind to architects and specifiers – freeing them up to build smarter and help save lives.

1000s of applications.

Most companies have tens, if not hundreds, of fire retardants available, each one fitting a specific type of manufacturing process or material.

We have flipped that model on its head.

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Our Applications

Discover the endless possibilities for your business. Our chemical has 1000s of potential applications. To make it easier for you to uncover them, you can search by ‘system designs’ or by ‘materials’.

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