R&D Facilities

Staying ahead of competitors and helping you do the same.

We believe R&D is the foundation of any technology business, which is why we’ve invested heavily in this area.

Our four R&D centers around the globe (in Canada, Greece, Ireland and Spain), have a comprehensive array of development, analysis and test equipment. This enables us to work alongside our manufacturing partners to create pro-active, collaborative innovations and developments in the quickest possible timeframe.

To ensure we, and you, are always leading the field, we also employ the best scientists, project managers, and process technology and testing engineers.

Consistently Delivering Amazing Insights.

Development and testing facilities.

So our technologies continue to advance and help you grow your fire retardant product offering, our dedicated materials development and testing facilities include:

  • Humidity and conditioning chambers
  • Pressure treatment vessels
  • PVC extruder
  • Full-scale chemical laboratories
  • An environmental/rain chamber
  • Fire test equipment to test to North American and European standards of both flame spread and resistance to fire

On top of that, we use state-of-the-art SEM, TDA, XRD, FTIR and other analytical equipment. Together with our core science research, this provides incredible insights for both development and process engineering projects that can then be utilised in your fire retardant products.

The Consultancy Process

We’ll work alongside you to integrate our unique chemical within your manufacturing process and help you take your fire retarded materials and products to market, successfully and quickly.

Consultancy Process


Our technology and way of working is unique so naturally we get asked a lot of questions.