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What is Zi?

Unique fire retardant chemical technology

The only specialist chemical technology company dedicated to tailoring chemistry to enable production of non-toxic, highly effective fire-retardant products.

Working with construction component manufacturers across the world who are committed to hitting and beating requirements, as well as safe and rapid innovation in their product range to reach new markets.

A new bespoke way of working

We don't believe in trying to match a chemical from a list to a product. We believe in tailoring chemistry to meet your needs.

Combining years of innovative FR R&D and working with our global team, we will rid the world of the death and destruction caused by fire, and your products can be a part of that change.

1000s of applications.

Good is not good enough. Change in construction is coming and there is absolutely no need for fire to cause destruction in the places we live and work in anymore.

With building requirements moving forwards globally when it comes to fire safety, our team can help you stay ahead of the curve - our non-toxic base formula can be adapted and made-to-measure to work with 1000's of materials to create a 'systematically' crafted fire-safe building.

We thrive on not only meeting fire safety standards, but going way beyond them.

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Our Applications

Discover the endless possibilities for your business. Our base chemical has 1000s of potential applications. To make it easier for you to uncover them, you can search by ‘system designs’ or by ‘materials’.

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