Our Story

A History Unlike Any Other

Zeroignition didn’t begin life like many other fire retardant chemicals. And Zeroignition Group didn’t start as most other technology companies do either.

How cedar shakes would shake up the fire protection industry forever.

We were founded by Dan Baroux – a larger than life character and serial inventor. One evening he noticed that sparks and embers from the wood stove were landing on the cedar shakes on the roof of his timber framed home. He was concerned that this could catch fire so he talked to the owner of a local roofing company about applying fire retardant.  The owner said that they had stopped using fire retardant because it made his crew sick and it burned their eyes.

The very same day Dan bought a bundle of cedar shakes and the inventing began – a quest for a safe and effective fire retardant that would stop houses burning and save lives.

A Global Team of Experts With One Goal - to Save lives.

Today, after more than 20 years of development, we have taken that base chemical that our founder invented and used on cedar shakes and with our global team of chemists and technologists we have created a unique way of working, using it, to produce bespoke FR chemicals to match the needs and requirements of our partners.

Environmental Sustainability

The natural approach to fire protection.

Environmental Sustainability

Meet the Team

The people behind the mission to rid the world of death and destruction from fire.

Meet the Team


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